Mars Petcare
10 Years of Pet-Friendly Offices
Man’s Best Friends at Work

Pets make the world a better place and we believe that’s right down to the office. For the last 10 years, Mars Petcare has implemented pet-friendly offices, where pets aren't just welcome, but are a fundamental part of our workplace culture.  

A decade of pets in the office has been about more than making work fun. Interacting with pets has been shown to improve productivity, reduce workplace stress, keep us active and increase social interaction. Benefits extend to our four-legged friends, too. Allowing pets to spend the day with their owners, rather than alone, helps give them a more fulfilling life. We believe the benefits don't stop there, that's why we invest more than any other company to better understand the benefits of pets to humans, helping to ensure a better tomorrow for both pets and owners alike.  

During the last 10 years, we've invested in office features designed with pets in mind, including dog-walking routes, playgrounds, dog-friendly meeting rooms and activity areas. We even offer an office-wide “Petiquette Policy,” and “Paw-ternity Leave,” where associates can take 10 hours paid leave to help pets acclimate to a new home. As we enter the next decade of pet-friendly offices, we continue to add amenities and services that further integrate pets into our office spaces.  

It's a welcome workplace feature for our 85,000+ pet-loving associates. With their furry friends sitting deskside, our committed associates work together not just work for Mars Petcare, but for the good of every pet. 

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